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Saw Cutting Concrete Basement Slab Rate

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Andrew Owenson
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Im looking to saw cut some drainage in an existing basement. The slab is 400mm & im putting in around 120 LM of drainage in various runs & 3 pcc manholes. What I need is a rate to cut the slab using a saw cutter.


Any help appreciated




Zoltan Palffy
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Look up top under the tab labeled Production rates 

Rafael Davila
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Make sure it is not structural. Take a look at the drawings and look for the reinforcement details. Also check for plumbing and electrical embedments. It will do no harm to check for the water table. There must be a reason for such thick slab.

Wearing of the blade can be expensive. It costs more to cut concrete that contains reinforcing steel because blade life or bit life is shorter and cutting rates are slower. If the cross sectional area of the concrete core is 1 percent steel, bit life will be about 75 percent of what it would have been if no steel were present. Concrete with 3 percent steel will reduce bit life by about 90 percent. Top-Notch Sawing Performance

For 400 mm cut an 800 mm diameter blade will barely make it.