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P6 Timesheet Data Automation

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Jordan Benjamin-S...
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I am a project planner from the UK looking to try and automate the company i work for timeshet process to improve efficiency. Currently we work on a basis in which the individual alters there timesheet on excel and pdfs there timesheet on a weekly basis. From there I then input the data manually into P6. However I sometimes question my accuracy with this and I would ideally like to find an automated solution. I have tried to reserch the process of an API which looks between excel and P6 and automatically fills the data however there doesnt seem to be much information in regards to this on the internet. I also heard about an SDK software called P6XL Bridge, but again I do not know how to use this. So in short, would anyone be able to point me in the right direction or alternativley does anyone have past experience which this and would be able to physically design it for me.




Patrick Mullen
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Hey Jordan,

If you already have the team providing their timesheets in excel, you could strip out the actual dates and do an excel import into P6. You just need to make sure you have the activity ID to reference, WBS code, actual start, actual finish, % complete, and remaining duration. 

Depending on the excel form that they provide, you could create some sort of an excel template where you could "dump" the excel information from the file they provide you into your own excel template to auto-format the data into an importable format.

I've messed around with P6XL bridge, but from my experience, importing from excel was just as fast if you develop a good system extracting the data into an importable format.

I wrote an article about importing actual dates into P6 here: