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Dependence of B2B Companies on Automation Proposal

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Wilson Fred
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Automation proposal of today is driven by the attractive motto as well as tagline, “create, collaborate and captivate”. According to statistics, B2B companies spend an average of 16 percent of their annual budget creating and distributing marketing content.  Proposal Automation Software   makes marketing, sales and bid teams productive. Proposal management software prepares proposals, presentations as well as RFP responses. 60-70 percent of marketing content used by marketing team goes unused and it is expected that automation proposal will solve this issue. Effective automation proposal packages are designed keeping in mind marketing, sales and bid teams. Goal of automation proposal software making companies is to reduce training time, speed up implementation and encourage user adoption. Most successful automation proposal packages are made on popular software like MS Word, MS Excel, Power Point and Share Point. MS office add-ins, smart templates, automated allocation, guided proposal wizard and Google like search functionality are the peculiar features of automation proposal.       With the help of automation proposals, users can generate accurate and excellently drafted business proposals within minutes. Another major advantage of automation proposal is that users can spend more time tailoring each pitch. Many of the prominent proposal business software are deployed on the cloud or on-premise. Powerful features, highly scalable environment, and optimal proposal management solutions are most attractive features of automation proposal. Business managers can create basic proposals and presentations from predesigned templates. Wizard associated with automation proposal enables proposals, presentations, and pitch books to be generated in minutes. Robust proposal solution ensures accuracy and consistency of proposals.