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Project Planning Concepts

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Joseph Mbogo
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Hello Planet, 

Planning to my defination is a cultural eccentric practice and is defined by the users, and the results they wish to draw. Having that in mind le me pose the two questions and hope that your opinions will shape our conversation:

  1. Agile Planning vs Waterfall Planning, one has to fall which one and why?
  2. Should Planners be the Contract Administators, (if we planned it we should monitor its success). 

I hope the Converssation is of your benefit as it will be mine.

Joseph Mbogo


Patrick Weaver
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Hi Joseph,

Your fundamental proposition is completely flawed. 

1. Agile is a product development methdodolgy (ie, a way to organise people to achieve the work needed for a development). Waterfall is a product development methdodolgy (ie, a way to organise people to achieve the work needed for a development).  

Planning in either an Agile development or a Waterfall development needs to reflect the methodology being used. Deciding on the best methodology is a strategic decision: 

2. Planning, scheduling and maintaining the schedule is a project controls process.  Whereas contract administration is largely a financial controls process.  One person may do both jobs (I certainly used to on construction sites) but the purpose of planning, monitring and updating is to provide infomration to the project manager to help manage the work of the project going forward.  The funtion of contract administration is to make sure contractors do what they are supposed to do (which inculdes working to the plan) and making sure they are paid correctly. For mrore on project controls see: