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Hook Time Analysis

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Paddy Doherty
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Hi All


I am currently working on tendering for a job which will use a 160T crane. My problem is ( New to the tendering game) i am struggling to work out what the hook time is and if we require 2 cranes for the duration of the job, Production percentages etc


Is there a excel spreadsheet or any examples that somone could help me with?  How would i work out the hook time etc


Mike Testro
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Hi Paddy I have a paper on Hook Time based on Asta PowerProject. PM me with an email and I will send it to you. Best regards Mike T.
Patrick Weaver
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The best tool to use is a Multi-Activity Chart to work out key cycle times then its a process of extrapolating the cycle times to various quantities and looking at alternatives (eg, using a pump instead of a crane for lifting concrete).  Multi-Activity Charts are described at:

Paddy Doherty
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 My other question would be is there a basic formula to work out the number of lifts required per day from the tonnage of steel in each wall/base.


I seen something on another thread for tower cranes tha had an example:

Maerial Type    Volume     Container    Capacity   Hooks  Programme Tasks   Hour per day  work day  hook per day

Rebar in slab     69T          Sling            1.2          58             5                           12             3               4  


I was wondering what the work day value was and how that relates to hook per day

Mark Hogan
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I'm no expert on high rise but it would be worth speaking to the crane hirer and manufacturer.To get a good balance, I would speak to manufacturers of similiar capacity machines too.Let me know how you get on