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Tower crane hook analysis in Powerproject?

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darren doherty
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is anyone aware of a simple method of calculating a crane hook analysis on Asta Powerproject?

i have a basic spreadsheet which works but with more resource now being put into asta programmes i'm looking for an easier option.


Mike Testro
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Hi Daren - Welcome to Planning Planet

Next time please only tap the "save" button once.

If you have calculated the number of hooks required on a spreadsheet you will also know the tasks in your programme that need cranage.

I create a permanent resource called "hooks" and allocate the number required to each task. I then run a histogram to see if the programmed hooks excede the maximum number at any given time.

With this information you will be informed of upcoming bottlenecks and arrange accordingly.

Avoid the temtation to run a resource levelling option on hooks because this will screw up your programme in nano seconds.

Best regards

Mike Testro