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Summary vs High Level Activity

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Ahmet Tuter
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I know that a summary activity includes all activities below it and it's everything is calculated automatically according to activities below it.

I also know what high level means.

But I am confused if we should call a summary activity also a high level activity or they are different? What is a summary activity vs a high level activity? What differences are there between them?

Let's say you have a subnet of 10 activities under a summary activity. Well, if you want to make a high level activity of these 10 activities, again wouldn't it be equal to a summary acitivity or what am I missing?


Zoltan Palffy
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you can use the activity type LOE to summarize activities where the predcessor to the LOE has a SS relationship to the 1st activity in the chain it susccessor has  FF realtionship to the last activity in the chain that you want to summarize. As the activities shirk or expan so will the LOE

you can use the activity type WBS that will automatically summarize that particular WBS