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External Links in p6 Schedule need removing - inter project links

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Mark Griffin
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So i have opened my schedule today in p6 and relised someone else has copy parts of my project into their's as they needed the same type of activities in there schedule.


However when they have copied and pasted the WBS it they seem to have had the Only between copied activiies un checked (in the copy activity options) and thus i now have hundreds of inter project links as it is maintaining those links from my schedule.


How can i quickly removed these as there are hundreds


Zoltan Palffy
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create a new post to not glam on to an existing post but my answer is teh same to you add the columns for external early start and external early finish to see which ones these are also any external linkes activity will have an astericks at the end of the date column that indicates that it is a constrained activity 

Ghulam Haider
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I have copied part of a network in another schedule which already have the same predecessors and successors. now the problem is that the imported activities relationships are still linked to the previous project. how can I determine all these external links and connect them to this schedule?

Thanks in advance... 

Zoltan Palffy
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you have several options

Option 1  go to tools schedule 

select options

then select ignore relationships to and from other projects

option #2

filter for all activities

right click columns 

expand the dates availability on the left and choose

External Early Start and also choose External Early Finish

now in the External Early Start column Blank out the dated 

now do a fill down a

Now do the same thing for the External Early Finish Column

Option #3

go to tools

global change

New (on the right)

Where  (leave this line blank)


External Early Start = (leave the rest of the line blank)


External Early Finish = (leave the rest of the line blank)

then on the right select change

then commit changes


what ever option that you choose make sure to run the schedule calculations after you run your option