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Critical path drag: InterPlan Systems announces computation in its new release

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Stephen Devaux
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The continuing saga of Sisyphus the Bajan pushing (uh -- dragging?) the rock up the critical path took a couple of steps forward today when:

  1. InterPlan Systems Inc.'s (and PlanningPlanet's!) Bernard Ertl sent me an email letting me know that InterPlan Systems were announcing that their new software, to be released shortly, would compute critical path drag. This makes InterPlan, along with Spider Project and's add-on to MS Project, the third software package that computes this critical(!) new CPM metric.
  2. Also, Easy Projects published on their site today a guest blog they had asked me to write for them about critical path drag. The title is "Project Management and the 100 Metre Dash."  

For anyone interested in CPM drag, I hope to have further news shortly about a webinar on the topic that I may be doing for PMI's Scheduling CoP, and perhaps a fourth s/w package that will compute drag.

Fraternally in project management,

Steve the Bajan