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High Rise Building Schedule

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Muhammad Zeeshan ...
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hi there 

is there any one share some of his best experience for high rise building project schedule any pdf or XER will really help 

or can you please give list of activities for one typical floor with or without duration 

you can send me the info as email on

thanks in Advanced 


Zoltan Palffy
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even easier


1st floor 

2nd floor repeat copy cut paste

Ali Osama
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This High rise Schedule in XER is very useful... Check this construction project sample for primavera 

masyitah sunbae
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hye...anyone can help me..i need example activity shedulling that high rise building such condominium or apartment in 4 block and duration 3 year...please help me..

Muhammad Zeeshan ...
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Joined: 12 Mar 2008
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My gratitude knows no bounds to all those who help me 

Raymund de Laza
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 Activity NameOriginal Duration
  Design and Engineering51
 Design Building Addition23
 Review and Approve Designs9
 Assemble Technical Data for Heat Pump3
 Review Technical Data on Heat Pumps8
 Prepare and Solicit Bids for Heat Pump10
 Review Bids10
 Prepare and Solicit Bids for Flooring5
 Review Bids for Heat Pump2
 Review Bids for Flooring3
 Award Contract for Heat Pump10
 Review Bids for Brick3
 Award Contract for Flooring1
 Award Contract for Brick2
 Fabricate and Deliver Flooring58
 Deliver Brick58
 Fabricate and Deliver Heat Pump and Controls88
  Sitework 114
 Site work I50
 Site work II45
 Begin Building Construction0
    Form Work12
 Install Underground Water Lines5
 Install Storm water lines10
 Site Preparation10
 Form/Pour Concrete Footings10
 Concrete Foundation Walls14
 Form and Pour Slab10
 Backfill and Compact Walls5
 Foundation Phase Complete0
  Structure 172
 Erect Structural Frame40
 Begin Structural Phase0
 Floor Decking28
 Concrete First Floor60
 Erect Stairwell and Elevator Walls10
 Concrete Basement Slab15
 Concrete Second Floor15
  Mechanical/Electrical Systems133
 Rough-In Phase Begins0
 Rough In Complete0
  Elevator 165
 Install Elevator Rails and Equipment40
 Install Elevator Cab and Finishes20
  Plumbing and Electrical181
 Set Mechanical and Electrical Equipment15
 Electrical Costs152
 Rough-In Plumbing/Piping45
 Install Wiring and Cable45
 Connect Equipment3
  HVAC 186
 HVAC, Plumbing & Fire Protection155
 Install HVAC Ducts25
 Insulate Ducts2
 Set Heat Pump5
 Relocate HVAC Chiller3
 Startup and Test HVAC1
 Install AC Grills and Registers5
 Test and Balance HVAC Equipment1
  Exterior Finishes278
 Exterior Finish Costs205
    Brick 266
 Assemble Brick Samples3
 Review and Approve Brick Samples10
 Brick Exterior Walls14
    Roof 10
 Insulation and Built-up Roofing10
    Doors and Windows3
 Install Door and Window Frames1
 Install Exterior Doors and Windows2
  Interior Finishes373
 Drywall in Offices15
 Interior Finish Costs44
 Finishes Phase Begins0
 Finishes Milestone0
 Touch-up and Clean-up1
 Building Addition Complete0
 Punch List2
    Plumbing and Lighting Fixtures17
 Install Lighting Fixtures3
 Install Plumbing Fixtures2
    Floor and Carpeting362
 Assemble and Submit Flooring Samples8
 Review and Approve Flooring10
 Install Floor and Carpeting5
 Install Ceiling Grid15
 Finish Carpentry and Millwork5
    Paint 36
 Paint Building Interior30
John Peter
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Muhammad you are absolutely right this forum is made to help all planners in our community.

People like Gary don’t understand this. Most of the planners  who write that sort of comments spend most of their office time on internet and rest of the time doing some design plans for desktop surveys.

 If you don’t have any knowledge how do you share something!!! But can give loads of lame excuses.

I hope this example help you. Most people in this forum share their experience because they have knowledge


Activity NameOriginal DurationRemaining DurationStartFinishTotal Float
City Center Office Building Addition68155401-Nov-10 A3-Jul-130
  Design and Engineering107001-Nov-10 A06-Apr-11 A 
    Design Building Addition55001-Nov-10 A19-Jan-11 A 
    Start Office Building Addition Project0001-Nov-10 A  
    Review and Approve Designs22017-Jan-11 A17-Feb-11 A 
    Assemble Technical Data for Heat Pump7016-Feb-11 A25-Feb-11 A 
    Review Technical Data on Heat Pumps27024-Feb-11 A06-Apr-11 A 
  Foundation1469823-Feb-11 A19-Sep-11175
    Begin Building Construction0028-Feb-11 A  
    Site Preparation43023-Feb-11 A18-Apr-11 A 
    Install Underground Water Lines12123-Jun-1121-Jun-11127
    Install Underground Electric Conduit12123-Jun-1121-Jun-11127
    Form/Pour Concrete Footings242421-Jun-1126-Jul-11127
    Concrete Foundation Walls242425-Jul-1126-Aug-11127
    Form and Pour Slab121226-Aug-1114-Sep-11127
    Backfill and Compact Walls5513-Sep-1119-Sep-11127
    Foundation Phase Complete00 19-Sep-11178
    Erect Structural Frame484819-Sep-1125-Nov-11127
    Begin Structural Phase0025-Nov-11 418
    Floor Decking343425-Nov-1113-Jan-12127
    Concrete First Floor363611-Jan-121-Mar-12127
    Erect Stairwell and Elevator Walls24241-Mar-124-Apr-12139
    Concrete Basement Slab24241-Mar-124-Apr-12139
    Concrete Second Floor36361-Mar-1220-Apr-12127
    Structure Complete00 20-Apr-12127
  Mechanical/Electrical Systems56254914-Apr-11 A26-Jun-130
    Rough-In Phase Begins0012-Mar-12 234
    Rough In Complete00 5-Feb-130
      Install Elevator Rails and Equipment334-Apr-126-Apr-12217
      Install Elevator Cab and Finishes555-Feb-1312-Feb-1391
    HVAC56254914-Apr-11 A26-Jun-130
      Prepare and Solicit Bids for Heat Pump15214-Apr-11 A4-May-110
      Review Bids for Heat Pump10104-May-1117-May-110
      Award Contract for Heat Pump6617-May-1125-May-110
      Fabricate and Deliver Heat Pump and Controls42242225-May-1123-Jan-130
      Install HVAC Ducts242412-Mar-1213-Apr-12186
      Insulate Ducts5518-Jun-1225-Jun-12140
      Set Heat Pump12124-Jan-1322-Jan-130
      Relocate HVAC Chiller7722-Jan-131-Feb-130
      Startup and Test HVAC221-Feb-135-Feb-130
      Install AC Grills and Registers558-Apr-1315-Apr-1323
      Test and Balance HVAC Equipment2221-Jun-1326-Jun-130
    Plumbing and Electrical25825820-Jan-1223-Jan-136
      Set Mechanical and Electrical Equipment363620-Jan-1212-Mar-12186
      Rough-In Plumbing/Piping3324-Aug-1229-Aug-1272
      Install Wiring and Cable363631-Aug-1223-Oct-1272
      Connect Equipment1122-Jan-1323-Jan-136
  Exterior Finishes33628917-Feb-11 A19-Jun-12266
    Close-In Phase Begins0015-May-12 296
    Building Enclosed00 18-Jun-12127
    Brick31226517-Feb-11 A15-May-12124
      Assemble Brick Samples0017-Feb-11 A  
      Review and Approve Brick Samples30028-Feb-11 A13-Apr-11 A 
      Prepare and Solicit Bids for Brick Exterior15018-Mar-11 A13-Apr-11 A 
      Review Bids for Brick15008-Apr-11 A28-Apr-11 A 
      Award Contract for Brick5421-Apr-11 A5-May-11377
      Deliver Brick115-May-116-May-11377
      Brick Exterior Walls171720-Apr-1215-May-12127
      Insulation and Built-up Roofing242415-May-1219-Jun-12127
    Doors and Windows7727-Apr-128-May-12152
      Install Door and Window Frames3327-Apr-121-May-12156
      Install Exterior Doors and Windows551-May-128-May-12156
  Interior Finishes60155425-Feb-11 A3-Jul-130
    Drywall in Offices36365-Feb-1327-Mar-130
    Touch-up and Clean-up2219-Jun-1324-Jun-130
    Finishes Complete00 26-Jun-130
    Punch List5526-Jun-133-Jul-130
    Building Addition Complete00 3-Jul-130
    Plumbing and Lighting Fixtures44448-Apr-1310-Jun-137
      Install Lighting Fixtures778-Apr-1317-Apr-1321
      Install Plumbing Fixtures553-Jun-1310-Jun-137
    Floor and Carpeting58153425-Feb-11 A4-Jun-130
      Assemble and Submit Flooring Samples0025-Feb-11 A  
      Review and Approve Flooring28025-Feb-11 A11-Apr-11 A 
      Prepare and Solicit Bids for Flooring24504-Apr-11 A6-May-11231
      Review Bids for Flooring15156-May-1127-May-11231
      Award Contract for Flooring5527-May-116-Jun-11231
      Fabricate and Deliver Flooring2792793-Jun-116-Jul-12231
      Install Floor and Carpeting121216-May-134-Jun-130
      Install Ceiling Grid363627-Mar-1316-May-130
      Finish Carpentry and Millwork12123-Jun-1319-Jun-130
      Paint Building Interior121214-Feb-134-Mar-1377
Muhammad Zeeshan ...
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Gary its a shame that people dont help each other i am not ask for the programme i am just asking for the list of activities 

List of activities does not belongs to any programme and it is always good to share your experience and best practices you have used.

Those who not share are mostly P6 jockey and I appreciate and salute all those project professional who are helping planning community without thinking about doesn't know how to do their job to stay in a job which they don't deserve,feel it is giving away their experience for free" they all are mean little buggers and they should not be on this forum 


Muhammad Zeeshan ...
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Well i am looking for simple high rise building used as an office upto 20th floor have a curtain wall .

I need some list of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing activities 

Gary Whitehead
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Most people on this forum don't share their programmes.

I personally never do, because I feel the programmes I create are the property of my client, and not mine to share.

Other people never do becuase they feel it is giving away their experience for free, when they normally charge for it.

Others don't because they feel it is helping someone who doesn't know how to do their job to stay in a job which they don't deserve.

Some people do share their work but not many, so don't be annoyed or suprised if you don't get what you are looking for.

Raymund de Laza
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There are high rise building such as Water Tank Tower with a revolving Restaurant on Top, Guard House Tower Building around a perimeter fence of a Military Compound, Tower buildings such as in Dubai.

The list of activities depends on what is required by the Contract Project.





Muhammad Zeeshan ...
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no reply yet !!!!!!