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Advise please -Software selection for a client

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Gary Whitehead
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We have a UK client that is considering investing in some new planning software, and has asked for some advice on which to go for.

They currently have 80 or so live projects of between 1k and 5k activities each, all fully resourced. Soon they will be expanding to hundreds or even thousands of projects.

At the moment they are using MSP 2010 Standard, installed on standalone machines. They are having lots of issues getting reliable data extraction into excel for running virtual reports (anyone had similar issues? I'm not a heavy MSP user, but would expect data transfer to excel to be one of it's strong points?), and are considering switching software as a result.

They have already ruled out Primavera on the basis of cost.

So I'm looking for suggestions for software that is:

a) Not too expensive (certainly cheaper than Primavera)

b) Supports effective resource management

c) Exports data to excel reliably and easily

d) Has a support structure for UK users (training / maintenance)

e) Able to import MSP projects with minimal "translation errors"


At the moment, I'm thinking of Asta or maybe Spider, but I have very little experience with either of them. -CS Project might be another option?


Thanks in advance,




Mike Testro
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Hi Gary

Asta PowerProject is the most suitable option - preferably Enterpise system. It ticks all the boxes and will exchange with the later versions of MSP.

Most UK contractors use it and Architects and the like understand it.

Asta training is good either web based or in seminar situation.

Their troubleshooting support is first class.

Spider is a good product but with little inroad in the UK market.

Get in touch with their sales team and get the full price set up.

Avoid Project Commander! 

Best regards

Mike Testro