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Help required selecting appropriate production management software.

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Adrian Lowes
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We run a small machine shop with a design department. We undertake job shop and small batch machining work. We also produce assemblies and machines. This means (especially when considering machine builds) there can be numerous sub-assemblies, sub-sub-assemblies and on. So a comprehensive BOM would be required.

Our shop floor is approximately 50% manual and 50% CNC. This means that operators can have work parts on multiple machines at any one time. This means that each work part requires “time on machine” and “time from operator” as separate entities.

I envisage a system where work parts and each machine have a barcode. Each machinist would have their own portable barcode scanner; logging their time and machine time to each part (which could have a barcode job sheet).

We currently have eight machinists but would like a system that is expandable for the future. We also have an office offsite, it would be preferable to collect live data and reports from our remote office.

Our budget is small (we are only a small business); we have a target of between £1000 - £4000.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you.  


Anoon Iimos
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Well, you don't really have to believe me, but I guess you were looking for something that can really manage Time accurately? Perhaps you can never find what you were exactly looking for from here. Again I guess that you were looking for something precise, and not planned based from variable productivity rates? Trust me this time, it's not here. However, here you will still find weird suggestions like for example: You can try to create a conveyance system where Humans (operator), and machines have their own stations and Timers. All your jobs shall pass thru the conveyance system, hence, there will be time for machines and time for human intervention.