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When To Rebaseline?

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Steve Shunk
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Is it customary to rebaseline and incorporate the changes when any of the following occur?

1. You are utilizing Rolling Wave planning and activities that were once way out in the future and had little or no details now have better information.

2. A contractor has been delayed and the client agrees with the time extensions.

3. You have four quadrants where work will take place. You originally were going to execute like North, South, East, West and now the plan is to work North, South, West, East.

4. Before the project starts you anticipate a budget of $500,000 for a contractor who will be brought in towards the end of the project. The contract amount winds up being $750,000.


Any and all opinions will be appreciated.


Gary Whitehead
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1. Yes, but only for the newly-defined elements of future work. Contract baseline only to be changed by agreement with the client, which (typicaly) would mean only if key dates / sectional completion dates have not changed

2. Yes, but only for those activities impacted by the delay event.

3. Yes, but only for the East & West elements. Contract baseline only to be changed by agreement with the client.

4. No, unless the additional cost is associated with new scope.

ahmed abdelkarim
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Hi all ...I think u should rebaseline when your actual work is not reflected in your baseline and that has adverse consequences such that negative floats which lead to change the completion date to be later on the date in the baseline, out of sequence activities which have started before their predecessors and any change in contracual milestones due to any conditions

Best Regards

Ahmed Abdelkarim,PMP

Rafael Davila
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I believe you shall rebaseline, when needed it does not matter if approved or not, meanwhile you need something to target. Baseline is a term used for contractual target but baseline functionality shall be used for more than contractual targets only. It is important to know revised budgets and revised expected profit or loss, the bottom line.

Rafael Davila
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Joined: 1 Mar 2004
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