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example of Full Design and build construction project WBS

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lolo choise
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i am new on this forum

i have to build a WBS for a construction project including design and procurement

i don't know exactly where to insert the shop drawing in my WBS, and how to develop the constrcution phase,

here is my proposition, if somebody can give me advice....   it will be great





                Key Construction milestones



                Design Development


                Quantity Surveying

                Tender package preparation




                Tender Analysis

                Tender Negotiation

                Direct Purchase Order

                Contract Award

                Shop Drawing



                Building 01




                               Furniture and Fittings


                               Lifts and Escalators

                               External Works


lolo choise
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thank you all

my wbs evoluate since last time, and took care of your remarks


Irfan Khan
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hi lolo,


as for as ur Generalities, Engineering & Procurement are concered it looks like ok.

but while applying wbs to your construction phase i think you should follow CSI Codes. which will be show like that :

  • Division 01 — General Requirements
  • Division 02 — Site Construction
  • Division 03 — Concrete
  • Division 04 — Masonry
  • Division 05 — Metals
  • Division 06 — Wood and Plastics
  • Division 07 — Thermal and Moisture Protection
  • Division 08 — Doors and Windows
  • Division 09 — Finishes
  • Division 10 — Specialties
  • Division 11 — Equipment
  • Division 12 — Furnishings
  • Division 13 — Special Construction
  • Division 14 — Conveying Systems
  • Division 15 — Mechanical
  • Division 16 — Electrical


I hope after follow these CSI codes it ill be help you in tracking & analyzing progress.







Nelson A. Rodriguez
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Check with your cost engineer and find out if there is a WBS for cost control, then match your schedule WBS with the cost WBS (cost accounts) as much as possible. You will be able to have solid KPIs for your project.

The cost engineer should be able to create / add any missing account(s) to match the schedule WBS.   

Amro Ahmed
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I suggest For You To Put Shop Drawing in seperate Level ans contain sub levels Submission and Approva for exampll:

Shop Drawing

  Shop Drawing Submission

      Civil Shop Drawing.

      Architectural Shop Drawing.

      M.E.P Shop Drawing.

     Landscape Shop Drawing

  Shop Drawing Approval

       Civil Shop Drawing.

       Architectural Shop Drawing.

       M.E.P Shop Drawing.

      Landscape Shop Drawing 

Tanveer Ahmad Niazi
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I think you have placed the shop drawings at the right place. And that must have elements under it the submission of shop drawings – review / approval shop drawings – submission of material submittals – review / approval as well