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Scaffolding Estimation

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Mandar Kulkarni
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I am working on an assignment for estimating scaffolding requirement. Type of scaffolding being used is Cup Lock system of scaffolding. I need to prepare a formula in excel so that if height and length of wall is given then we should be able to calculate the external scaffolding requirement for doing plastering,painting Etc. i.e No. of standards, ledgers and braces etc. Can any body guide me on this issue.

Thank you.


Youssef Abi Raad
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Good morning, reviving an old post here. The links are no longer working. Can anyone send updated links. Thanks.

angelin williams
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You can use the scaffolding estimation calculator to calculate the external scaffolding requirement for doing plastering,painting ,etc.

Use this link

hope this will be helpful.

scaffolding sales

Samer Zawaydeh
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This is the website, you can download the info that you need.

With kind regards,

Hemanth Kumar
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This is not a planning related question

search "doka" there you can fing standerd scaffolding estimation parameters etc