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What is happening to the Planners market?

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Joel Gilbert
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Joined: 5 May 2003
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I had some time to browse the forum and was surprised at the basic questions planners are asking, even to the point of asking for complete schedules of projects. This is a worrying factor and leads me to some conclusions:

1) Projects are employing junior planners to save money
2) Planning is becoming a ´pretty picture painter scenario´
3) The market is been flooded with so called planners
4) Senior Planners will find it difficult finding employment if the projects are focusing on hiring Junior Planners with little experience for EPC, so that Project Management can have an easy life while Basic and detailed Engineering is taking place and then construction has to battle on with late drawings and procurement items
5) How are these Planners interviewed and how are they getting the Jobs?

These are my observations and this should set the scene for some interesting opinions

Note : I have nothing against the Junior Planners, just their exploitation.


Concerned member.


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Hi Joel,

Actually I got an offer. It is not the same level as the Dubai salary, but it is manageable. I will go first to my native land, take a vacation, then, I will take off to another country to take the job. The job is located in Asia.

It is really "Adios Patria Adorada to Dubai".

In English "My Last Farewell to Dubai".

Happy Planning and Scheduling
Joel Gilbert
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Joined: 5 May 2003
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Hey Mr Charleston-Joseph Orbe

I use to browse at your postings from time to time and judging by your posts you had a good holiday, so you should not feel that bad. Good luck for the future my job is Ending in April
Izam Zakaria
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Frankly speaking you should not be worry. Everyone have their own value and if u think u are so precious enough then the company willing to give you more.Trust me.

One thing I should clarify with you...some of people have a big numbers of experince but earn less than expectation.

Some of people have less experience but earn more...this just because every single planner have their own dream and target. So dun underestimate junior planners.

no heart-feeling ok.
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I’m a victim!!

I’m now leaving Dubai, UAE for good.

See you somewhere in other parts of the world.

But first, I have to go back to my native land, Philippines

Happy Planning and Scheduling
Christian Adrian ...
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In this current world market financial condition, don’t get your hopes high... it is quite difficult to get a very good one...

Dieter Wambach
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I don’t like this development as well. But worse in my opinion is:
- Obviously more and more juniors are left alone, without being accompanied and supported (and controlled?) by seniors.
- Many don’t consider first and then ask, just ask without any consideration and thus preventing themselves from learning.


Of course I remember my time as a junior. There were some seniors supporting me. But they expected some consideraation and reflection from me as well.

Abdul Khadeer
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Dear Joel Gilbert,

I appreciate your concern regarding planners asking complete schedules. There has to be some effort from their side.

As you said ’I had some time to browse....’

Seniors are very busy too share the knowledge and where do the poor juniors go.

This forum i believe is intended to share knowledge among the members (seniors & juniors).

Now a days people are more commericial. They sell their experience (so called white papers). Nothing is for free in this world except for this forum. let spirit of sharing knowledge be there.

Let me remind you that every senior today was a junior before.

Also i think this is age for ’survival of the fittest.
Be it Senior or Junior

I hope everybody agrees with me.