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Activity-based scheduling or Location-based scheduling

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Karl Agustsson
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Activity-based scheduling or Location-based scheduling Survey

Please copy this link into a browser

Please note that this is not a formal test on the programs but just a personal survey I’m doing for my final project.

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Karl Agustsson
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Igor Starkov
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Control and MS Project are not the only tools for Activity-based and Locations-based scheduling. Our company’s Tokmo Production System includes both approaches. I noticed that even though Location-based scheduling provides a great view of the production rates (for projects with repetitive nature, i.e. residential tower, or road-building, or pipelines) the willingness of construction managers to implement it is very low. Most of them don’t even want to load labor resources. Another benefit for location-based scheduling is identification of scheduling conflicts related to crew interference (i.e. two teams plan to use Room 101 on Nov 11), and even that is not attractive enough for many contractors. But it’ll go mainstream at some point, like NavisWorks is now mainstream for BIM clash coordination.
hafiz iftikhar ahmed
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can u tell me what is activity based scheduling and what is location based scheduling