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Activity-based scheduling or Location-based scheduling

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Karl Agustsson
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Activity-based scheduling or Location-based scheduling Survey

Please copy this link into a browser

Please note that this is not a formal test on the programs but just a personal survey I’m doing for my final project.

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Karl Agustsson
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  It all depends in what dirrection you are choosing to track your activity deliverable. I don't think either of them takes preference over the other, they have their basic importance..



Rockzy Sales
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Karl, are you trying to determine which WBS layout is more effective?.... by Phase or by Location or by trade?

I agree to what Trevor said. Furthermore, its about how you can control your schedule properly. Every project is different.



the Rock

Trevor Rabey
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Please provide some background explanation.
What is "activity based scheduling" and "location based scheduling", and how are they similar or different?
In what way are they more or less equivalent choices?

Project management is essentially about managing Tasks ("activities" if you like). It is not primarily about locations, trades, quantities or anything else. If you are not managing Tasks you are not doing project management, and it won’t work.

Will your survey produce any meaningful results?
Don’t the questions in the survey assume that the person answering the questions knows what these things are, are fully fluent with the software tools and are in a position to make an objective comparison, rather than just clicking on radio buttons.