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Time Chainage Diagram

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Prabhakaran Thiya...
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I am working on a road project. I have a contractual claim situation. The schedule is prepared in P3. However, I want to show the delay and disruption in "Time Chainage" so it would be probably easier for the client rep. to understand the cause and effect.

Do you see any disadvantages of using this technique?

Please recommend a simple yet good software for "Time Chainage".



Johnny Bynum
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Tu Huynh Van
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Yeah, Tilos from Asta Develovement should be OK,
here is the website:

Raphael M. Dua
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I suggest you use TILOS. It is great at just doing that

Cherie S Blare
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Try Tilos from Asta.
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Ronald Winter
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You might have more luck if you refer to "Line of Ballance," or better yet, "Linear Scheduling." Google is full of options using these terms. Good luck!
Satya Narayana
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If u have Visio, you can do some simple cause affect diagrams.
If you can do some layouts in autocad explaining all the cause and their impacts on the project it shall be easily for the client to understand.
Last but not the least all the evidences should be referred i.e letters, meos, submittals, approvals instructions etc.

Wish you good luck.