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Logic Diagram not easy

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Rahmat Hidayat
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Hi guys based on your experienxe is it necessary to connect all activities with relationships ? What is the correct level of schedule we can have a complete relationships. In my experiences it’s not easy, when the activities level is very detail there will look very complex and complicated but when the activities level too general the ralationships may be not accurate.

Tq before


Shahzad Munawar
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Hi rahmat

Answers to your inquiries are as under;

Yes, without relationship the activities look like wandering and you may not judged the dependency of the activities. So it is essential to connect the activities by proper linking.

In high detailed schedule complexity and complication are general things but in each case the relationships are essential to make the schedule logically.
Bernard Ertl
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  1. Yes.
  2. Defining Activities (for turnaround planning)
I prefer high detail for better accuracy in estimating and tracking and tighter scheduling. The complexity of the schedule can be scaled by distributing summary level schedules based upon the details.

Bernard Ertl
ATC Professional Shutdown / Turnaround Management System