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EV and rebaseline

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Shahzad Sikandar
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I am using EV technique to control the project in terms of performance. some info about the files and schedule is here;

1.Current month file (feb 08)
2.baseline attach to this file is Progress schedule of Nov 07.

in one file the project has Design, procurement and construction and commissioing schedule.

Now the thing is, when we did programme in Nov 07 the planning permission for the project was set as 4th of Feb 08.

now as i did my update for this month ie feb 08, (data date 29th Feb 08), all the activities in construction is slipped because planning is not garnted, new planning date is now 31st march 08.

so, only the construction and commissioning stages are effected by planning delay, so cleints manager asked me to split the schedule into 2 files i-e
File A = Stage 4 (Design and Procurement)
Files B = Stage 5 (Construction and Commisionning

then he wanted me to keep same baseline (nov 07) for stage 4 in File A and in file B DONT attach any baseline so that we call it re-basline, (rebaseline stage 5 because its delayed by planning)

but my bossed want me to use same baseline for who project whitout spliting it so that we can represent the huge diffence in Planned value and Earned Value in stage 5.

i am confused which method is the right method to follow.

i hope i have explained the situation correctly.


Shahzad Munawar
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Factually due to delay in granting of planning permission, your construction and commissioning activities are severely effected whereas there is slight impact on design and procurement activities therefore for overall view and to establish claims in future, it is better to show your impact in Stage 5 following your Boss.