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Re-baselining W.I.P. Activities

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Rob Green
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I’m interested to hear from the planning community what techniques are used when it becomes necessary to re-baseline in-progress activities within the schedule.
Re-baselining may be the result of re-rating labour costs, scope variation or an agreed major re-plan.
I found it was not uncommon on Defence Projects to re-baseline if only to re-rate. I always I tried to keep the costing figures in the scheduling software as close as possible to the data in the tool used for EVM performance measurement - for validation purposes.



Joanne Foster
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Hi Rob

If the only reason for rebaselining in-progress is due to rate changes, then I do takes a bit to check that the software has actually calculated things correctly though. I like to take a copy of the baseline and muck around with that one first, to make sure things will go smoothly.

Any other time, rebaselining in-progress is a bit of a no-no in my book, particularly in defence environment. So standard thing is to set BCWS = BCWP and replan the remainder...or set BCWS = BCWP = ACWP for a formal reprogramme.

Raja Izat Raja Ib...
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Hi Rob,
as far i know If re-baseline the progress its does not impact the cost, its only have to shift remaining progress followed by the cost /resource, Unless there is additional activities to be add or labour rate changes (but not very frequent happened) cause there is contract to be followed.