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S-Curve Sawtooth

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Erik Jonker
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I have some significant additional scope added to my project. I would like to create an sawtooth showing the drop in actual percentage due to the scope increase.

I have done it before in excel, but cannot remember how.

The drop line has to be straight down.

Any help?


Trevor Rabey
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No problem to make a vertical step on a graph in EXCEL.

Erik, if you have the data, I can graph it.
Nicolas Igersheim
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To have a vertical drop line would mean you have
two values for the same period => no way in Excel.

You have to paste a different curve for
the modified scope, with no values
until the modif is implemented.

Format the two curves to show the same color for instance.
Add a drawing vertical line to join the two curves.

This is how I would achieve it.