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Identifying & fixing resource conflicts in P5.0

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Faisal Bilgrami
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Hi All,

Can anyone help me understand how in Primavera 5.0 (sp4.0) I can identify resource conflicts within a single or multiple projects apart from manually using the Resource Usage spreadsheet to check for assignments?

For example, how can I detect easily when a resource is assigned to more than one activity within a project or group of projects for the same time period, hence causing a conflict in its availability.

Also, is there a mechanism in Primavera that enables some sort of automatic prompting in case of such a conflict?

The answer could be quite simple but since I’m new to Primavera world of planning, I am still learning the tricks of the trade..

Help would be muchly appreciated.


Faisal Bilgrami
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Joined: 12 Nov 2007
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Thanks for your feedback David,

My query has now been resolved and I can clearly identify individual resources for their over-allocations against activities for each time period they are assigned to (using the Resource Usage Profile view).

I suppose it would have been handy to have an automated feature in Primavera to prompt planners as soon as we assigned a resource that was already assigned to some other task in the same time scale.

Once again, thanks for your response.


PS: Many thanks to Andrew Dick & Mark Roberts for their valued feedback & help on the same topic.
David Podmore
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If I understand your requirements you should be able to isolate your multiple assigned resources by selecting the resource histograme layout (bottom half of the screen seems best).
Set the Resource filter to show current project(s) assignments.
When you select a single resource you can also apply a secondary filter flaged in the bottom left of the screen. "Display Activities for selected..."
If you tick "Resource", only the tasks with the selected resource will be displayed. You will see if any assignments are in conflict and by how much by setting an availablity limit on the resource.