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Just Asking

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Rick Aquino
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Hi All,

As a Planning Engineer, Do i have to include in my job listing the tools, office supply, water tank and other things needed for the mobilization? Are you doing it? and if the sub-contractor had given you their schedules, Do i really have to modify and shorten it, or just follow their schedules and push them afterwards.(if their schedule is delayed)
Note: by the way, we are the main contractor.




Bernard Ertl
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Usually, a one line item in a schedule is sufficient to indicate mobilization activities, but sometimes it is necessary to indicate related tasks (such as running conduit for electrical hookups to a trailer, or establishing telephone/LAN service to a temp. office) if they are the responsibility of the owner.

Bernard Ertl
InterPlan Systems
ulysses garcia
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I agree with you, the best way to make the schedule is said ..K.I.S.S.

the contractor will make the schedule at thier option they think best to suit thier project requirement. if they are not violating the contract schedule there no reason to reject the schedule for the reason of Method and Means.

Eliza Cote
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Rick -

I normally have a line called MOBILIZATION which covers all the things you have listed. I do not normally go into that much detail and find that unless it is required for one reason or the other, it makes the schedule much too cumbersome.

If a subcontractor submits a schedule to me I do not automatically change my schedule to match his information. Only if I agree with his schedule would I make the changes. If I do not agree I would set up a meeting with the sub to see how we can work things out so the overall schedule is not affected.
Rick Aquino
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Hi Ashraf,

Thanks for your quick reply,i really appreciate it.

Thanks Again.

Ashraf Jahangeer
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Depending upon contract and sub-contract you have to include all what is needed to set-up the site including but not limiting to the tools, office supply, water tank and other things which are needed for the mobilization?

Yes as a planning engineer we are doing it, our job is limited to indicating and follow-up?

Regarding the sub-contractor schedules, you have to make it suitable and logical for the desired window of his duration and suitable for his part of job rather than just sqeezing it or leaving it as it is.