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Hemanth Kumar
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Whenever I Set Up To Print To PDF From P3

P3 automatically Switches Back To Default Printer ,and prints

P3 Prints To PDF Ony When I Make PDF As default Printer
Any Solution

Uses Acrobat Professional-6



Paul Harris
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There is quite a lot on this on the Primavera Knowledgebase.

In summary to get Primavera to print to Acrobat Distiller,

1. Load Primavera Service Pack 3.
2. Always set the default printer in Printer and Faxes that you wish to use with P3
3. Create and set a Port for the Acrobat printer driver in the driver properties with a short path. Do this by:
a. Create a new folder on a Local Drive that has no spaces or symbols, has 8 characters or less, and is no more than 5 levels deep. For example, C:\PDFPort or I use C:\P3\P3OUT
b. Go to Start, Settings, Printers. Right-click on the icon for Acrobat Distiller and select Properties.
c. Select the Ports tab, then click the Add Port ... button.
d. Select PDF Port and click on the New Port ... button.
e. Select the new folder you created and click OK. Click X to close Printer Ports dialog.
f. Make sure the new PDFPort is selected
g. Click on the Advanced tab. Select "Spool print documents so program finishes printing faster " and "Start printing after last page is spooled " options.
h. Click Apply then click Close. You should be able to successfully create a PDF file using Distiller next time you launch P3.

Paul E Harris
Eastwood Harris Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia
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Mangesh Khuspe
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I had set default page size to A3 size but when i use picture preview command it shifts back to letter size,
is there any way to preview picture in A3 size, i searched all options but i could not do it. i m using p3 version.

Bijaya Bajracharya
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Clive, I don’t understand your comment.
Clive Randall
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Just another one of those really great benefits of using P3
Bijaya Bajracharya
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To some extent it seems a problem with Acrobat. If you use other pdf writer like Cute pdf writer (available free to download), you can just choose that printer as specific printer without changing the default printer.

Karim Mounir
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U must define the pdf printer as the default one, there is no way to print on any other one (rather than the default printer) using P3.