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Total Float

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khawaja uddin
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Total Float.
As all o f us know that total float id generated purely through logic n sequencing .If a programm of works is group of activities pertain to different different contractor then who is supposed to enjoy this total float.Is there any contractual clause/rules under FIDIC , PMI which elaborate this issue .Have any one of you ever come across any dispute related with Total Float.


Rami Al Haddad
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As far as i know... there is no set rule on this, i worked for a client who stated in the specs that TOTAL FLOAT is the sole property of the the owner... meaning that wheather u are allowed to make an argument based on total float is not alowed and contractually you are to abide by the early start of the activities...

on the other hand... another client had nothing specifically stated on floats... and floats are being treated as a shared property of the client and the contractor.

i hope i have answered you,,,