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Updating Schedule Against Baseline

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Pharrel Arraviano
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Joined: 21 Feb 2007
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Hi All,

Please help me, i am a rookie on this planning and schedulling.

I have a schedule that need to be updated against the baseline/Target,i need to know the best method of updating, comparing to the basline & forecasting the completion.

I usually input the percent complete and RUN (with unlink remaining duration to percent complete)then i reduce the remaining duration by 7 days (the working days in a week)so at least the target finish of an activity will be the same as basline. But how about if the activity suppose to finish but it has not finished, how we determine the remaining duration?

2nd scenario, i RUN another copied file with (Link remainning duration with PC) and let the software forecast the end date. but the remaining duration in this methode will jump if the period % complete is under expectation.

I hope my question is not to confusing.

Thanks All.


Ramraj R
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To every planners,


I am new tleo primavera6.i make one schedulein primavera 6.make the same as baseline schedule.but after scheduling ,the all baseline dates are  changing with  the current date.means  in  the summmary the baseline date and current date are same .actuall there is a one week difference


?if the question is can i get comparison b/w baseline and current in p6.


please  help  me


thks  and rgds


Ramraj R

Benito Nepomuceno
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Have a visit to by Gary France and take a look about "The 5 minute Update".
Rashid Iqbal
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It is ussally good to have an expected finish date on any activtiy that has an actual start date.

Your case is no different, you have very rightly unlinked % and RD. You can either put an expected finish date on the started activties so that it can be automatically reduce the RD to match the expected completion date or just keep on adjusting the RD.

Pharrel Arraviano
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Joined: 21 Feb 2007
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the software is Primavera 3.1


The reason that i reduce the duration each week is to maintain the finish target for each activity, unless there are some information that the activity would finish earlier or later, but what about other act that does not have any available information especially activity that the target already behind data date. Please advice if there are more accurate method.

Thanks Guys for sharing this,
Mark Chapman
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Each period update, requires the planner to ascertain where each activity is. Depending on your expertise of the project you either make this decision yourself or ask the person in charge of this activity. Whjat you need to know is when will the activity finish and how far have they gone. However software can calculate the PC based on the remaining duration over the original duration. This is not ideal but in some case the only solution as often the estimate PC is over cooked.

Reducing your plan by 7 days each week isnt planning but you won’t be the first or last to do this.
James Kendrick
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I think here Pharrel you need to really understand the basics of planning, But firstly it would help if you could indicate to oneself which software package you are using??