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Why my Percentage of completion is so low?

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Juan Quintero
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Hi All,
I have an issue here.
I’m working in some houses schedule; I create the schedule with estimated durations, and also the lump sum amounts that each activity carries.
The duration of one of the houses is 90 days, and I’m doing the update at day 60. All the activities are on track (with very little differences in the duration), the amount spent up to date according to the resource loading is 58%.
My problem here is that the schedule summary bar shows only 53%.
Is any other factor that primavera need to calculate a percentage of completion accurate?



Henk van der Heide
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Percentage complete at summary levels only works correct for money. (Primavera enterprise) because money is the only part what can be added. so Check if every activity has a cost budget. it can be from units (units x rate) or else. Check also if you’ve a budget (cost) at completion and check the earned value (cost). also check your actual and remaining costs. If these values are correct on activity detail your % complete on summary level should be correct.

kind regards


Ranilo Asiao
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Please, investigate the parameters of the 58% and 53%, maybe 58% is based on resources as you said but the 53% is based on total duration or cost. We need to compare two things in the same case means apple to apple not orange to apple.

best regards
Razi Khan
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Check Summary bar "opition" !

Whether it is Duration, Resource or Cost ?

Urva Sudhir Kumar
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Hi Juan

Did you checked the resource curve projection? is it linear?