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Organisational Breakdown Structure

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Dave Chojnacki
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Can someone explain to me the importance of creating an organisational breakdown structure? Is it absolutely neccessary that one be created or is it more so for more closely monitoring specific resources etc...???


Joanne Foster
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and OBS is basically an Organisation Chart for the project, this can be cross-referenced to the WBS to produce a Responsibility Assignment Matrix
Andrew Tan
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If you have organisational breakdown structure format, do share it. I have not encounter it before though in accordance with PMP guidelines, it is a method to control information distribution which includes report dissemination and change manangement. Not sure whether it is true.
Marcio Sampaio
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Dear all;

I use OBS to set responsibilities to the different departments of the company and to generate reports with filters for each one of them.

Best regards.

Marcio Eduardo
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.
Sorry, Dave,
I use other software.
I suggest to put your questions to P3e forum and to try to get answers there.
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Dave Chojnacki
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Thanks Vladimir, for the first time I have just commenced work with a company that is just about to get the latest version of P3E 5.0 up and running. I am starting everything from scratch. I been using primavera for a year or so however I have not had to go to this complexity before. If you are using primavera any other advice/tips would be appreciated..

creating OBS you will be able to set tasks for the organizational departments, to plan their project budgets, etc. It is especially useful for project portfolio management in matrix organizations.
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