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Duration% Complete X Units % Complete

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Marcio Sampaio
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Dear all,

A frined of mine has this doubt:

Can Duration%Complete (for Activity progress) be different of Units%Complete (for Resource progress on activity)??

In my opinion, it can be different. Activity progress can be proportionally different of Resource progress. By the way, it normally happens.

Any different opinion??


Marcio Eduardo.
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.


Everything may have different percent complete:
duration, physical units, costs, resources.
So using the same percent complete for everything is not proper.
Ernesto Puyana
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Andrew: hi

So you link percent complete to remaining duration? I’ve always found it a blessing to be able to determine them separately in Suretrak, unlike MS Project. Tracking progress becomes almast impossible with this link working; and it´s even worse with retained logic.
Andrew Tan
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Duration complete% is different from resources completed. True.

But it can be the same too.
Reason is that from scheduling view, if the work completed is only 10% which implies that resoures used is also 10%, and you configure software like P3 to take into account of this, the duration completed will be 10% too as it will automatically increases the required duration.
I find this useful to force the team to understand the CP and force a contigency plan out of them.
Ernesto Puyana
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Percent complete should depend on physical achivements; what is not necesarily proportional to percent complete is remainig duration, which is the basis to determine end date and delay at completion.
Sen Moc
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Hi Marcio,

You are right. Progress based on Duration (or Schedule) is different from progress based on Units (or Resources). And they are not proportional.

For example, let say that for this period Duration = 50 % Complete meaning you are already halfway on the schedule of your project. What if your plan is to achieve 50% progress on all activities but only achieved 25% in actual? --which is delay! or say, you may achieve 90% actual progress?

From above example, it is very clear that Duration % Complete (or Elapsed Time) is not related to Progress which depends on Performance.

Hope you have some enlightenment on this.


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Hi Marcio,

Always remember that the percent complete is base on the physical progress that is quantities in place / total quantities.