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Advice needed.....!

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Vishwas Bindigana...
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Hi Planners,

I gotta ask u guys of a problem I have on hand -

There are 20 buildings on a single podium (or basment slab) with 1 common basement slab spread across an area of 50,000 Sqm. A programme has to be prepared with "THE REQUIREMENTS AND EFFECTS OF THE PROTOTYPES".

What does this mean & how to programme "THE REQUIREMENTS AND EFFECTS OF THE PROTOTYPES"?

I’ll be grateful for any help.


Erik Jonker
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Hi Vishwas,

To me it sounds like they want to build 20 buildings exactly like the prototype on a single podium.

If you have the details of the prototype it shouldn’t be a problem. You should also be able to get the durations etc. from the people who build the prototype.

Am I understanding the situation correctly?