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Tarek Farid
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Dear Planners,

Anyone had experience working with Artemis? What are the main differences with this system than P3?


Guy Hindley
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From my experience with Artemis you have to distinquish between the Artemis database tools (9000 and 7000 which are extremely powerful relational database tools), from the products called Artemis Views and Artemis Project Views. The two distinct offerings from Artemis can cause mis-inderstandings if people are not aware of the above. Guy
Steven Oliver
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Artemis is much, much more than a scheduling tool.

In its raw state it is a relational database which can be used to produce and analyse CPM. But that is only the tip of the iceberg, where you go from there is up to the individual (never got it to make tea though).

Who can remember switching your machine on and all you got was a blank screen with a "*" prompt, and you had to invent everything from there, Ah the memories.

Lost a lot of ground when P3 was released on Windows platform and until recently didnt keep up with the advance in technology, however the latest products are now looking more like the familiar windows products.

Luca Basile
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Artemis as well as Primavera P3 is a scheduling tools.
More than P3 has a cost application well developed, where you can integrate costs and schedule.
It was well used few years ago in particular way in the offshore industry, for what I know.

But the real difference is that with Artemis you can aggregate different levels of resources.

I mean can set up a resource level 1 composed by resources level 2.
Level 1: CONCRETE 1 m3 1000$
Level 2: CEMENT 300kg x 1$/kg = 300$
SAND 150kg x 2$/kg = 300$
AGGREGATE 200kg x .5$/kg = 100$
BATCH PLANT 3hr x 100$/hr = 300$
And you can have idea of any material requirement at level 2.

With a such kind of structure analysing variance in cost and quantities is easy … isn’t it?