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New Tool for Construction Monitoring

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Tarek Farid
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Dear Planners,
We are developing a new integrated tool for construction monitoring. The tool allows planners to synchronize target, actual and current schedules with P3. In the mean time it’s designed to monitor quantities, man-hours, productivity and progress. Output of the system is composed of S curves, progress tables and histograms with excellent format.
Currently we are studying how we would launch such product or services to other companies.
Any advice how to market and price such tool?
Your response is highly appreciated.

Tarek Farid


Jeelani amin
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Dear Farid,




Please send me the demo version for yur feed back.

Jeelani amin
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Joined: 4 May 2011
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Dear Farid please send me a  demo version in my mail at for ur feedback .

D Artagnan
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please send me the file. is this SQL based or else? I am interested. Perhaps I can develop the same for P6.

Jomo Peter
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The demo version of the product plz send to my mail


Jomo Peter

Dayanidhi Dhandapany
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You can distribute your product(give it as a link to your web-site) as demo version to our planning planet members so that we can go through it and you can get feed-back on your product.


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Tarek, I have sent you an email. Please check it is received or not.
Luca Basile
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try to look the price of some package similar to Your.
I mean claim digger or other like the ones produced by Winter (see his web page).
So You know the price of possible equivalent software and their characteristics, this may help you also in preparing the product launch.
razif r
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Market = All of the above readily available within P3.

Price = Free shareware to all.
Free software to PP members.