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Multiple Teams, compression and productivity

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I am presently managing a large and complex transformation project. The lifespan, that was initially envisioned to be 2-3 years, has now been shortened to be 1 year. Needless to say, I will need to reconfigure the work so that multiple teams are working in parallel on different aspects of the project.

The effect of time compression will be that teams may be working on things that would ideally require another team to finish its work, so that it can their efforts. Given the fact that the tight schedules do not permit us to wait, I am wondering what tips and techniques can others recommend to:

-ensure a multitude of teams understand their goals
- ensures that these teams know what other teams are doing and how their work relates to the work being done on other teams
- ensure there are check in points
- any suggestions on reporting in would be helpful as well.


Tomas Rivera
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Dear forum guest:

First of all, I would like it to be a little less impersonal by knowing who I am talking to.

But anyway, your message caught my attention because I deal with high performance construction projects. Projects that need to be executed in a very short time frame.

My expertise is on construction projects and might not be helpful in other type of projects. So, what kind of project are you talking about? What is a transformation project? I supose you have a schedule and what level of detail are you using? You said that you had to do many things in parallel. This leads me to believe that you had relationships in your schedule that you have to delete? Or you had activity descriptions and durations that encompassed many other tasks that assumed serial work? The items at the end of your message about showing or training your teams about the relationship of their work to others work, you do not have a clear and complete scope definition? your teams are not very knowledgeable about your project?

In one word, could you tell us more about the nature of your project?

But I can tell you that the way I would approach this type of situation is by using a detailed schedule. And by issuing diferent reports with selected information according to the organization of your teams, I would let them know what is their exact responsability in terms of activities, durations, dates and priority (total float).

Tomas Rivera
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