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how many manhour,weight factor, wbs level 1 to 5

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I want manhour,weight factor and WBS level 1 to 5 for underground piping,aboveground piping,support piping,erection of equipment,electrical,instrument,painting,installation of tank.
please help me??!!
please submite with this address:


Rafael Davila
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The formulas are applied to total assignments but can be extended to relative %complete same as if weight factor equals 1.

I am still scratching my head to understand what it means.


If your software does not allows you to group resources by activity on the Gantt chart then Monkey will not be able to help you, the weight factor assigned to monkey hours is zero.

Shiva Gandhikota
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EPRM DBSQL Execution failure in module PM.exe at 00117558PRM DBA Access error: DAta base servor error; Its not allowing me to copy/ delete projects or activities it says primavera file group is full . ask to create disk space ; how can we increase disk space