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Worldwide Production Rates ?

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We have almost completed re-scripting the Production Rates codes so that we can differentiate between rates and cycle times for different countries. We will be able to search for rates and specify the world-region or country to which they relate.

Over the past 6 - 8 months we have been collating the information which has been sent in by various Planning Planet Team members. We have thousands of rates for many different countries. Did you know we are now in over 80 countries Worldwide?

We have got together and attempted an initial Organisation Structure - but it is by no-means very structured and needs improving. If anyone out there has any good ideas on how we CATEGORIZE and ORGANIZE these rates, we would be very pleased to hear from you. Perhaps you have developed a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) that could be utilized?


02 Project Design & Procurement Works
04 Project Preparation Works
06 Demolitions & Breaking Out
08 Earthworks & Excavation
10 Foundation Works
12 Concrete Related Works
14 Building & Structure Frameworks
16 Construction Wet Trade Finishes
18 Electrical & Mechanical Works
20 Architectural Work & Finishings
22 Roofing & Weatherproofing
24 External Works & Road Works
26 Conveying Systems
28 Tunnels, Bores and Jacks
30 Bridge Structure Works
32 Railway Engineering
34 High-Rise Property Development
36 Coastal & Water Related Engineering
38 Petro-Chemical Installations
40 Aviation Related Installations
42 IT Engineering Operations

Any Ideas ???


maymay gomez
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hi.. could u please send me a copy of production rates as i needed for our upcoming project..


Thank you...

kavi mahajan
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this concerns production rates for formwork
formwork (consisting of scaffolding shuttering, formwork, false work) is dependent on methodology of work
determination production rate should be linked construction methodology
Brij Patwari
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Production / Productivity rates without mentioning the Machine/Man mix will gv a very vague ide4a..
e.g. I can say excavation in ordinary soil - 1.5 cum / hr
but if it wont be same if i use excavator / JCB etc. Than it could be sthg like 15 Cum / hr..
Hence, gentlemen, Can v prepare an excel format or sthg which mention columns like - Item description, different skils of manpower with mandays / manhours and machine used. Also with a very brief of construction methodology or approach ??
This will be a superb data and if it wud be validated / reviewd by such a huge group of intelligent planners, we would be in a virtual network all the time , v use this data... hows that?? And importantly, how should v go about it??
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Robert, if you have any good ideas on how we can take this forward we would welcome the assistance !

We are currently re-organising the rates database, plus the international entries into the Masterformat 2004 format.

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Great Idea.

We are trying to work out how best to present the data. We have a growing database of rates from various countires. This has not been posted to the site yet because we are not sure how to..

(a) organise, although Masterforfmat looks like the way, and
(b) how to include things like manpower associated with the rate and other useful and pertinent issues.

If anyone has any ideas, we would be pleased to see them.
Dayanidhi Dhandapany
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First of all I must appreciate our planning planet members for their valuable contribution toward the collection of worldwide production rates.

In libya, for ground beams/columns shuttering works we use 3 carpentars hours plus one helper hour for one square metre of shuttering. hence the team shall consist of (3C + 1H)hrs per m2.

so i would be much happier to see the teams associated with the productivity rates instead of seeing only 4hrs/m2 for ground beam/colum shuttering works.

further comments are welcomed.

thanks and regards

Raj Singh
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Considering that most of us do work in Construction related projects I was just wondering if you had a look at CSI coding. CSI does cover all of the works and has a suitable structure, it is ready made and universally used not just in US but elsewhere.

Above all - Keep up the good work!
Ahmed Hamada
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Dear Development Team,
this is my first post in your forums, about this important issue "Production Rates" I have a suggestion about the proposed organization, the used one looks vague i.e. foundation works and Concrete Related Works. you can use some kind of standards like MasterFormat.

Ahmed Fouad
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Thanks Mike,

We are moving forward slowly on this issue. Thanks, I will pass on your kind offer to the guys here.

Rgds Jason
Mike Harvey
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You are welcome to any ideas that are listed under Production Rates.


Mike Harvey