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Percentage of Budget that should be devoted to pla

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Michael Jack
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In a lot of the places that I have worked in the past couple of years (mainly software development environment) I have found that I am constantly arguing with project stakeholders about the value of project planning. i.e. it is either too hard to do, not enough time is spend on it and too much time is spend on it etc
So I am interested in finding out whether anyone has heard of any published information that refers to the percentage of the project budget adn time that should be devoted to project scheduling.
If anyone also has an opinion on this subject I would also be interested in hearing it.


Gareth Jones
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A very good book that I have come by contains all the infromation you need;

"Project Planning, Scheduling and Control" by James P. Lewis.

ISBN number :- 0-07-136050-6.

Ive found it a good investment.


Ali Hamouda
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Dear Michael Jack,

It depends upon necessity of Planning.
some owners are not caring about planning because they are not caring about time execution.

and some projects are small so as we need not to put a budget for making a plan and hire a planner,like small villas or Buildings.

and also it depends upon the Culture of the Country that you reside, for example I am working in Kuwait,,But the people here are giving high value to Planning and the they have Issued a Law that any Project to be executed must have approved Plan.even for small Projects and of course the good economical situation is helpful in issuing such laws.

Mike Harvey
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Dear Michael

In a recent survey in the ’Construction News’ see 18 July issue a table of skill shortages were listed.

Planners were listed as being the third most required resource in a list of 20+.

Planning is about pre-engineering which means involving all the senior players to buy into the plan.

Those companies using planning methods are 20% more efficient than those that do not employ planning systems (American Survey).

Visit and look up ’planning Academy’ you may find this useful in your debates with your management.

Good Luck

Mike Harvey