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can anyone help me?! Urgent

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ibrar ulhaq
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Hi all, this is a long shot but here goes…

I am looking to get into Planning; I am currently a financial analyst.
I don’t have any experience of P3/P6 etc
I am in the Sussex/Surrey area and I was wondering if there was anyone who needed an extra hand doing some junior level projects.
I would be happy to take a fraction of the going rate but would require some hands on training?

As I said it’s a long shot but if there is anyone that can help me get my foot in the door- it would be really appreciated.

I don’t think I will find anyone but if there is someone then please contact me on and I can forward my CV could help you out with back log and help me with training?

Please let me know ASAP!

Many thanks



ehsan rashid
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I think  with such avast practical experience you need not to switch to P3

It is only a tool to help you

But with such ahuge experience you can do better without help of this tool

Marc De Vall
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Hi guys
I too was/are in the same boat,i have nearly 30 yrs in construction exp,manual work,3 years rail exp as well,including possession planning,have completed a basic project managers course,iosh,and read and practised paul harris p3 book and am still waiting for an employer to give me a start in planning,i have emailed my cv to agencies etc but i will never give up so hang on in there ibrar one day it will happen
Mike Testro
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Hi Ibrar

While you are waiting for a future employer to give you a call go the the PowerProject website and down load a 14 day trial version of the software and go through the tutorial.

PowerProject is the most commonly used software in the UK construction industry.

The only warning I would give is that - in my opinion - you cannot plan a project if you do not know how to build it.

The best you can aspire to is a programme scheduler who works the software to interpret a method statement - and even then you will have to know what it all means.

Best regards

Mike Testro