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4D Technology

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Raj Kapur Shah
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As construction industries have been accepted that 4D Planning (visualisation technology)have several benifits particualrly in improving construction site commuinication, in advanced information of construction sequences of activities and reducing overall project cost by 7% (from reseach) through detecting the space congestion and crew/ machninary conflict on site.

Please comment your view, what will be possible benifits if 4D planning technology will be used in earthwork operations in the infratrsutcure construction projects such as raod, highways, railways, pipeline project.

Please also highligh your view about application of 4D technology in raod construction projects.



Alex Wong
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10 years ago we use manual 4D planning to do dispute resolution. Works very well (But take a lot of time and effort), and I believe that in few weeks time Primavera will release their 4D tool to like with CAD drawings

Oliver Melling
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4D planning software is already used quite a lot by construction firms who make roller coasters.

......Probably the best planning job in the world....
Mike Testro
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Hi Raj

Graphisoft Flowine software has a suite of programmes that links 3D design to 4D Line of Balance time programmes.

Very complex programmes on 1 A3 sheet of paper.

Best regards

Mike T.