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Location information

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rajesh agarwal
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a) Can someone from UK tell me that in which Location Birmingham and Manchester fall

and which are nearby location to these cities.

Locations are as under

South East, South West, North East, north West, East Midlands, the Midlands

b) Also in which city the rates/Hours for Planner are more?

I hope Uk planners like Stuart NESS ,Flowerdew and others will guide me.



Chris Oggham
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Not much to add to what Stuart has already told you, except that there probably isn’t a great deal of difference in rates of pay and working hours. A lot would depend on the terms of your contract and any fringe benefits that went with the job.

Chris Oggham
Stuart Ness
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The city of Birmingham is based in the Midlands, and Manchester is in the North West of England.

I can’t comment on the difference in rates, since I do not live in the UK, but my guess is that there is probably not much difference between them, and in any event the higher rate (if there is one) would be required because of the respective higher living costs.

One final comment: Manchester usually gets more rain than Birmingham!!



Shahzad Munawar
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rajesh agarwal
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thanks suku for the information

Sukumaran Subaram...
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Go to the :
Hope the above websites give the sufficient informations.
Bill Guthrie
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Philip, agree they should buy a Atlas, however one must be able to read and comprehend in order to make it work.Based on the quesiton, this might be beyond the author of the quesiton.

regards Bill
Philip Jonker
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I Suggest buy an Atlas