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Building information modelling

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Mangesh Khuspe
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Do anyone have idea about BIM, is anybody working on it, and are there institutes offering training on it.




Joe Hellenbrand
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I saw some BIM recently and signed up for email updates and got this from Bentley:

This week Bentley’s BIM Elements eSeminar series presents Bentley Building Electrical Systems.

Bentley Building Electrical Systems is the leading BIM application for design and documentation of building electrical systems. In our 5 part eSeminars series through the months of December and January, we will show you how to easily work with the software, create lighting designs, perform energy analysis, fire alarms and suppression systems, and raceway and circuit routing. Each session will cover interoperability with other BIM applications, creation of documentation, and creating your electrical designs within BIM models. We will also show how using Bentley Building Electrical Systems in a project environment illustrates the productivity enhancements that can be gained in todays demanding workplace.

Our first session will be held on December 5th at 11:00 am EST with a overview session of the software as well as an agenda of what we will be covering in the upcoming sessions. Do not miss this session if you design electrical systems or hand off your models to electrical engineers. Click here to register for Session 1 on December 5th.