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best online training methods?

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Mike Bach
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I’m trying to decide what sort of online training to provide for some software I’ve created. Here are the options I’m considering so far:

web tutorial
a series of How-to articles
live webcast seminars
searchable database of tips and FAQs

In general, which format do you prefer?

TIA for your input.



Mark Lomas
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Can we assume it is planning related (or PM) software ? If so, any chance of some evaluation copies for the PP faithful ? the recipients can be selected by lucky draw - everyone who responds to this thread / question can be entered. The recipient then should publish a review.

People may give more feedback if there is a chance of reward (are there no altruists left ?).

Bernard Ertl
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Hi Mike,

I suppose the answer will depend to a great degree on the software itself.

Does the training relate to just the operation of the software? Or is the software part of a larger system (or program) for achieving an end?

You might do well to offer as many of the choices as possible. Some people learn best with a lot of handholding and some can take off with experimentation and a published reference.

Bernard Ertl
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