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The best method for preparing contract programmes?

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Alan Burns
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What method do you feel delivers the most meaningful and agreeable programme to the project team? What components are essential!?

Do you do the programme on your own as the Planner, or do you interact with lots of parties?

Also who or what do you find helps most in preparing the programme?




Alan Burns
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Joined: 16 Jul 2004
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Roger, Jaco,

The methods you both suggest support fully my own method!

Kind Regards,

Jaco Stadler
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I feel it depend from planner to planner. If the planner knows the scope and the know how he can do it on his own.

I follow the steps below
1) I normally familirised myself with the scope first. (I have found speeking to each induviduel in the team helps a lot with this)
2) Then I draw up a draft schedule and discuss/Agree it with each team member.
3) The I Issue it for approval to each member
4) Then I issue it to the PM for approval.
5)Once he have approved it I start cutting back time by activity with each team member. This normally make sure that we are ahead of our original baseline schedule approved by the project manager.

Roger Thomas
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I believe it is essential that the all of the project team are involved in, and contibute to, the programme at the earliest possible stage. I find that where some members of the team are reluctant to provide their thoughts then it is best to prepare a draft programme for them to comment on. This will start the ball rolling and hopefully constructive comments will be forthcoming. As a Project Manager there is nothing worse than trying to keep to a schedule that you have not been consulted on. Discussion will foster more committment from those responsible for ensuring the schedule is met. Good luck!
Zq qz
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The best method is to let the whole team to prepare the program putting all the essential components ( 4M + C). 4 M means - 1. Material 2. Manpower 3. Machine and 4. Method. and last is C - COMMITMENT