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Can I find out who moved my EPS node?

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Soumya Saswat
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We work on Primavera on citrix environment in my company.

Recently I was surprised that one of my second level node I created under a Specific parent EPS was not available anymore. Upon searching thoroughly, I found out that this was moved to another Parent EPS. I moved it back to my EPS again.

But I want to know who moved it. Is there anny way i can see a Log or a Historical view on this ?


Rodel Marasigan
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The only way you can find out is to ask your IT who is managing your P6 Database. Your IT can investigate the Database log under ProjectWBS table. It logs the update date and update user fields if the WBS/EPS was change. It also records if the WBS was deleted (not compacted)

Note: If you move back the WBS/EPS, it overwrite the date and it will be recorded to last user modify the WBS/EPS.

Please also note that sometime un-intentional moving of WBS/EPS by accidental mouse drag & drop. It also happened to me specially if the mouse battery is low and or the network band is slow. You are clicking but nothing happened then suddenly its gone.

Santosh Bhat
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There isn't that level of Auditting available from the P6 client. And I suspect it isn't available even from the database tables either.

If you have multipe users in your P6 environment, then I highly encourage establishing Security profiles. This is will prevent users being able to edit EPS without the right security levels.