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Same plan 2 computers different calculations - help please

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Thomas Nicholson
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Good afternoon/Morning depending where you are.

A fellow planner has come to me with an issue today, he's finding odd calculations in his plan.  I've opened the same plan (we're in the same server).

On mine the original duration is different, the remaining is different to the same activity in the same plan when opened on his machine.

We've been through the usual checks to see if his calendars are different etc but nothing seems to be different in any options so we can't understand why his appears to be working on a different calendar to mine.




Car park opens (on mine) remaining 36d opens 22-12-19

Car park opens (on his) remaining 7d opens 22-12-19

Both have 7 day working calendars with no resources set up on either.   It's the same plan opened on 2 seperate machines.

Does anyone have any other checks, or even ideas as to what is causing this?

Thanks in advance,




Sterling Gallagher
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The only other thing I would check apart from what has already been suggested is to check youre User Preference Settings. 

Could be one user has the duration format on the dates tab in Days and the other user has the durations format in weeks. 

If the data date is the same and the Opens date is the same for both users its the only thing that I can think of that would cause the duration difference.

Santosh Bhat
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Thomas, When multuple users are working in the same project, all users need to be aware of the conditions for committing data to the P6 Database and back. 

For example, I might make a change on an activity's duration, and continue making changes, but until I take an action that committs those changes to the database (such as pressing F9), anyone else opening the same project will not see the changes I've made, but rather what is still in the database. 

You can force a commit by pressin F10, after which the second user should then press F5 to refresh their screen from the database. Under such cirucmstances there may be a scenario where a change I make, is overwritten because the data is refreshed before it is committed. 

You should ask your other planner to press F10 and then on your screen you should press F5, and you should both be seeing the same values then. If not, there is some other issue which might be cause the problem.

Zoltan Palffy
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as Raymud suggested check what calendar is being used by the activities add they column and look at it 

it could be using a different default calendar

as look at that calendar at the bottom see if it is iinhereting holidays from another calendar 

also as Raymund mentioned look at the Admin Preferences under Time Periods, uncheck "Use Assigned calendar of work hours for each time period.

also look at the data date TIME

Raymund de Laza
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Suggests to look on Admin Preferences under Time Periods, uncheck "Use Assigned calendar of work hours for each time period.

Or See number of Hours.. days.. extc

Or check what is the default calendar on both.