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Export Cost and Resources

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Muhammad Saqib
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Dear All,

I want to export my P6 file which is Resource and Cost loaded. I want to export the same file which includes both these data.

When i export the file by choosing project only option , the budgeted cost data is not displayed while importing this file .


Secondly, if i want to send the file which includes only activities and date, then how to hide the cost and resources.


Please explain both these methods. i would really appreciate


Thirdly, kindly explain the export options (project only and resource only)







Muhammad Saqib
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Thank You so much Alexandra.

God Bless You

Mohammad Zishan
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Dear all


when i updating the project if i miss some thing then i want to go back few step . in Primavera P6 there are any sortcut option to go back 1,2,3 step.


please reply 



Alexandre Faulx-B...
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Hello Muhammad,

1st question:

in the process of exporting an XER file, you will be able to edit the export template; add the necessary fields

2nd question:

it is not possible to hide cost and resources fields while exporting a project, whatever the export format is (XER, XLS, XML);

the workaround is to make a copy of your project: display the project screen, then copy and paste your project; then delete all resources and costs assignments from the project's copy; then export this file.