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Resource Allocation % Histogram

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Harry Angell
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Is there a way of getting a Resource Usage Profile Histogram to show what % of a resource has been allocated?

My scenario is each PM can run 4 projects max, we have an LOE in each project with the PM allocated @ 25% so we want to be able to see if we have under/over-allocated the resource and by what percent. 

I have been fiddling with the Resource Usage Profile Options, mainly the Calculate average option as I thought it was through that I could get the graph to show as a representation of 1 being max and 0.75/0.5/0.25 to show an under allocation but for the life of me I can't get it to show.

Any help would be appreciated.




Zoltan Palffy
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try this edit users perference

time units tab

third section down Units/Time Format

under Resource Units/Time can be shown as a percentage pr as units per duration

change this to the Show as percentage (50%)