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Remaining Duration - Update Automatically?

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Emma Lang
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Is there a setting so the Remaining duration updates automatically for activities which are in progress. 

I.e. for a 10 day duration with an actual duration of 5 days then the remaining would be calculated to 5 days?

I currently have a 64 day activity, when I schedule it a a few weeks later than the start the remaining duration is still 64 days. It is set to Physical % Complete, at 95% complete. 

I've tried to change lots of different settings in the project window, user preferences, schedule options etc. 

Any help would be appreciated. 


Zoltan Palffy
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what you can is to run a global change to make the duration % complete equal to the physcial % complete

go to tool global change 


where Percent Complete Type equals Physical 

then duration % complete = Physical % complete

now on the rigth select Change

then on the botton right select Commit Changes