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Exporting P6 Project to Import on Laptop

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Jeff Waldrop
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I exported a project from one computer so to import on another via an XER.  The project has quite a few EPS level Activity Codes and none of these are coming over with the import onto the Lap top.  Any reason why?  There are no options to elimnate EPS codes on the Export to the XER file, and I don't remember any on the import function....


Any idea why?


Any help is certainly appeciated.  I was hoping the Resource Dictionary table and EPS or any activity code tables would come over with the project on export.....




Zoltan Palffy
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use the bckup command then use the restore command to backup and then restore the entire database ESP and all 

Steven Auld
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Zoltan is correct - the EPS is not exported with the XER file (or XML for that matter).

If you know the EPS code types & you create the types in the new EPS that you are going to import into, then you can import the code values - but the type has to exist already in the new database for this to work.

You would need to know what EPS Code Types are included in the XER file - before importing into the new database.

You could change to Global codes, but this then removes some of the benefits of having them at EPS level.



Zoltan Palffy
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the EPS NEVER comes with an export of an xer

you can backup the whole datbase and restore it to the new laptop

if you give me your email I can give you setp by step instructions for you are using MS SQL as your underlying database